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Research on Green Chemistry: Services
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Previous Works by Paul Anastas

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•The Periodic Table of the Elements of Green and Sustainable Chemistry

•Handbook of Green Chemistry, Volumes 1-9, VCH- Wiley, 2009- 2011

•Innovations in Green Chemistry and Green Engineering

•Green Chemistry Education: Changing the Course of Chemistry, American Chemical Society Press, 2008

•Advancing Sustainability Through Green Chemistry and Engineering, Oxford University Press, 2002

•Designing Safer Polymers, Wiley and Sons, 2000 

•Green Chemistry: Challenging Perspectives , Oxford University Press, 2000

•Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice, Oxford University Press, 1998 

•Green Engineering, American Chemical Society Press, 2000

•Green Chemical Syntheses and Processes, American Chemical Society, 2000 

•Green Chemistry: Frontiers in Benign Chemical Syntheses and Processes, Oxford University Press, 1998

•Green Chemistry: Environmentally Benign Syntheses and Processes, American Chemical Society Press, 1996

•Green Chemistry: Designing Chemistry for the Environment, American Chemical Society Press, 1996 

•Benign By Design: Alternative Synthetic Design for Pollution Prevention, American Chemical Society Press, 1994

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