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The Greenovation Project

We show business leaders how to innovate their existing systems to introduce and scale sustainable solutions.

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Our Impact on Your Organization

There’s a common myth that corporations cannot be profitable and sustainable at the same time. Our current business processes and approach are somewhere between an absurdity and an obscenity. Put another way, doing better things is not the same as doing better things.

We’re particularly passionate about bringing novel technologies, processes and thought leadership to change-makers and leaders that are passionate about surfing the green wave while redesigning our economic models to be environmentally benign and non-toxic to human health.


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Meet the Greenovation Team

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Welcome to the

Sustainably Yours Podcast

Join Urvi, Jess and Kristina as they vent and reflect, interview guests and showcase sustainability success stories that are disrupting the world and the global economy.

Coming Soon from The Greenovation Project

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